Photography and Video Arts

Under the Skin of War

As a feminist and artist, I outline my concern about war all the way back to when I was a schoolgirl looking the war between Iran and Iraq; in other words, I grew up in the war, under the missiles and bombing. So my concern is mostly about wars, and women who are not directly involved with wars in many countries but they are indirectly touched by the war’s outcomes and consequences.

Wars hugely affect women mentally, emotionally, sexually, spiritually and economically. Besides, it impacts on every aspects of their life, for example, some of women lost their loves and relationships, even some of them never got married because they couldn’t choose to pursue an alternative.  Women and girls are not just killed in wars; they are raped, sexually offended and attacked as well as humiliated. 

The ongoing violence towards women’s body and mind are more frightening than the bombing. I believe, we can no longer afford the violence embedded in women’s life in all over the world. 

Gathering these images in a collage is a way to present my idea about the effects of war on women’s lives and experiences. I also did try to use the technique of video projection to turn my work into something much more dynamic. I postulated nude bodies can show women’s inner beings, vulnerabilities, susceptibilities, emotions, and reflections. I wish my work would be able to illuminate the negatives impacts of wars on women around the globe.  


This project includes still images and video arts.